The FundedByMe Risk Indicator is based on computational model of risk analysis. It has been divided in six categories (A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-) ranging from exceptional to good.

The pricing is a complex mix of statistical data received from various institutions like UC and Bisnode, a risk premium for the duration of the loan as well as the evaluation of the companies performance up to now

Based on the development, is has been evaluated that the statistical possibility company goals into bankruptcy within the next 12 months has been displayed as following:

FundedByMe Risk Indicator

A+ Exceptional <1,13%
A Superior 1,14 – 1,694%
A- Excellent 1,695 – 2,258%
B+ Great 2,259 – 2,822%
B Very Good 2,822 – 3,385%
B- Good 3,386 – 3,95%

FundedByMe creditworthiness check declines companies with lower scoring result than listed above. Please keep in mind that this is just an indicator and not due diligence verification.

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