FundedByMe strongly recommends entrepreneurs to always have a back up plan and, in case of a deteriorating economic situation, present clearly to investors on how money would be paid back. Investors want to know that their money is safe.

The worst thing to do in case of any unexpected circumstances is not to inform anyone about them.

In case of a very unlikely case of default, FundedByMe would start cooperation with the leading debt collection agency Arvato from Bertelsmann Group.

In case of any delay in repayments pre-collection process is triggered automatically. From 1 up to 60 DPD (days-past-due) FundedByMe representatives contact entrepreneurs and inform them about delay and possible consequences. Very often somebody has just forgotten about a repayment or there was some other delay in cash flow process by the side of company.

The recollection is executed by FundedByMe free of charge. During this period most the instalment is paid back.

The platform is highly success-oriented, because it changes administrative fees from investors only from the amount that investors actually receive.

If the repayment is not recovered during 60 days, the collection process is managed by Arvato and possibly the Swedish Enforcement Agency (Kronofogdemyndigheten).

The agreement between Arvato and FBM is open to public and visible in our Terms and Conditions. FundedByME believes that transparency creates trust and makes all of the documents available to both the entrepreneurs and investors.

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