How do I build on my relationship with my new shareholders?

You've succeeded with your crowdfunding campaign and now you have a new group of shareholders rooting for you. The people who have invested in your company can be your most loyal ambassadors. They will help to market your company and spread the word of your success. But they will also expect to be included in the information flow, as well as the decision making.

Invest time in your investors

Being an entrepreneur means always having a busy schedule, but setting some time aside now and then to check in with your investors will prove to be very valuable. If feeling included, they will be your strongest promoters.

You are legally obliged to contact your shareholders once per year, but that is far from enough. Below is our suggested minimum approach to build and maintain a good relationship with your shareholders.

Get to know them
. Start a social media group (e.g Facebook or LinkedIn) that enables instant communication. Having a forum where shareholders can discuss and ask questions openly is useful for connecting quickly.

. Invite to a meet up once or twice per year for presentation and discussion. Or set up online meetings, find a method that works for you.

Ask for feedback
You have a huge variety of people behind you with different skills and experiences, why not make use of that? Remember that your investors might prove to be good resources to you on a bad day if you keep them happy during the good days.

Be transparent
Send out a newsletter on a monthly basis, presenting results and upcoming changes. Check out these good examples from Visible Business and Techstars on how to write them.
Be open about challenges and developments, and make sure to share news continuously- there's no such thing as too much information.

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