Picture this: 

You’re in an elevator with Richard Branson. 

He asks you what your product is about and why he should invest in it. You have exactly 30 seconds until he exits the elevator to describe your product, the problem it solves, how it solves it, how it’s unique and how he, as a potential investor, could benefit from it.

Be engaging and to the point. Bear in mind the listener might have no knowledge of your market, so make your pitch concrete, tangible and enthusiastic and keep and your language simple. A great pitch can be repeated from one person to another without losing the key points. 

Find some inspiration! Click on the images below to view some winning elevator pitches from past FundedByMe success stories:

PS: Don't forget the word limit on FundedByMe campaign presentation pages is capped at 100 words, so be as succinct as possible.

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