Campaigns on the FundedByMe site are live and open for crowdfunding for a 45 day period, or until the campaign has reached its maximum crowdfunding goal.

This period can be extended if a campaign owner decides to begin their campaign in a private round before taking it public. 

Private Round

Campaigns that launch in a public round having achieved 30% or more of their funding goal have a significantly higher chance of closing their campaign successfully. One way of reaching this golden 30% is to run your campaign in a private round before launching the 45-day public round. 

A campaign in private round is hosted on the FundedByMe platform, but is only visible to crowd investors who receive a direct link to the campaign, offering them the opportunity to make preliminary investments. A private round is a good opportunity to gain early investments so that when your campaign goes public you have a head-start on your funding goal and added investor credibility. It is also the perfect opportunity for you to introduce your campaign to your private investor network and start building traction.

Public Round

During the 45-day public round, the campaign is open for any registered FundedByMe member to invest. If the campaign reaches its maximum funding goal, the round closes automatically - even if it has been open shorter than 45 days.

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