What to expect from FundedByMe

FundedByMe offers the platform where you can meet with investors. By organizing a meeting place for entrepreneurs and investors, we make the process of meeting and securing investors faster, more centralised and organised. Instead of meeting with each potential investor personally and waiting for their investment decision, you will save time by only uploading one presentation, which has the potential to attract a big number of potential investors.

During the campaign creation process we will:

  • Assign a personal account manager to your campaign who will guide you through the process and answer your questions.
  • Give you one round of feedback.
  • You will be guided through the process via a series of informative emails with practical tips and guidelines.

During the live period we will: 

  • Make one big social media outreach (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) to help you launch. This will happen when the campaign is published on the FundedByMe platform.
  • Provide the campaign owner with regular marketing support emails that will include suggestions and tips to help you market and promote your campaign.
  • We will include your campaign in one bi-weekly FundedByMe newsletter.
  • You will be invited to present your campaign at any relevant events that we may be involved in during your campaign's life on FundedByMe.

Additionally we will connect you to our network of service providers and partners who may be able to help you with crowdfunding-relevant services that you need. You are also able to purchase marketing and consulting services from FundedByMe directly.

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