Running an equity campaign on FundedByMe involves a huge amount of work in order to make it a success. The following are marketing requirements that Entrepreneurs need to perform from the start to the end of a campaign.


Generate a hashtag (#campaignname) that you can use across all social media platforms. Link all your social media accounts together, so the message is the same on all platforms and automatically shared on other channels. Always include the URL link to your campaign page on FundedByMe when you share an update.

Prepare a Contact List

Get in touch with people in your network and let them know about the campaign. Draft an email that explains crowdfunding and your brand - and how you are currently raising funds.

Social Media 

Create an account for Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and also a blog for your company. Share relevant information on all different platforms continuously. Remember to explain what crowdfunding is to your audience and use the available tools for each platform.

For example, on Twitter you can mention investors/partners and retweet interesting posts. You can also use social media aggregators (e.g. Hootsuite, Tweetdeck) to help organizing your social media. On Facebook you can identify FB-groups, give updates and share your campaign with them. It's important to stay consistent, interesting and relevant through all platforms.

Press Release 

Create a press release about crowdfunding and why you are using it. Compile a list of all possible local media outlets that can target and write each journalist an introduction letter explaining your concept. Sign up for HARO ( a site that is short for Help A Reporter Out - spin the news.


Cold-call media, news stations/newspapers and angel organizations to place news about your brand and your FundedByMe campaign.


Create infographics for the campaign so your potential investors can know more about your campaign in a fun and easy way.


Reply to all people who have reserved their shares on FundedByMe and thank them. Contact potential investors and invite them to a one-on-one lunch where you can present your campaign and let them ask you questions.

Launch Event

Organize a kick-off party for your campaign either when it moves into Pre-round or Open-Round, where you invite all types of people interested. Bring music, food, wine and make it interesting. Also bring 2-3 laptops and encourage people to do live investing during the party and make their investments effective on the spot.

Pitching/ Networking Event

Apply for pitching and networking events and remember to bring printed materials to share with your potential investors.

Remember that people love to be part of something that succeeds, so keep reciting your statistics and constantly connect with and update your investors on the progress of your company, even after the end of your campaign.

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