Your campaign can continue its crowdfunding efforts up until the maximum funding goal has been reached or the campaign has reached its 45th day, whichever comes first.

During the creation of your campaign presentation, you will be required to clearly specify the minimum and maximum funding goals. Once the maximum goal has been reached, your campaign will close automatically.

For example, if the minimum goal is SEK 1 million and your maximum goal is SEK 2 million, your funding range will therefore be between SEK 1 million and SEK 2 million and will be reflected as such on your campaign page:

This means that you will be able to continue raising funds until the campaign reaches the maximum goal, which in this case is SEK 2 million. The moment your campaign reaches its goal it will automatically close and no further investments can be made, even if your campaign has been live on the platform for less than 45 days.

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