When you have made an investment through FundedByMe your new shares will be registered with the company registrar (in Sweden this is Bolagsverket) and the entrepreneur will send you a contract note. The contract note works as a proof of purchase.

You will also be added to the company’s shareholders ledger which is a requirement by Swedish law. This is where you will be able to see your registered shares, if you request it from the entrepreneur.

When investing in non listed companies your shares will not be added to a custodian account like Avanza or with your bank. This is because they are on a private market and will be illiquid for a long period of time. 

If the entrepreneur has registered with E-aktiebok or Capdesk, you will be able to see your shares there, as well as their acquisition value (the latest purchase price of the company's shares).

As a shareholder you will receive continuous progress reports, and you can always reach out to the CEO to ask for the latest valued share price (based on a recent rights issue). 

Remember that your investment is meant to help the company grow and become successful, with the hope of giving you a return through a possible exit in the long term. Read more about ROI here

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