Private trading

It is possible for the investor to sell their shares before an exit. However, equity crowdfunding is about helping a business grow and become successful and this means giving them the chance to deliver as promised.

If you still want to sell your shares it is up to you to find a buyer. The company might also have a Right of First Refusal clause in their terms which means you have to offer to sell your shares back to the company before selling to someone else. Make sure to read the shareholders agreement and reach out to the entrepreneur to confirm if this is the case.

FundedByMe offers the possibility for "in between" trading on our regular Trading Days a few times per year, where we connect all parts interested in a trade. When the trading day is coming up we will contact all investors to inform them of this possibility. FundedByMe is not involved in the actual trade since it is handled between seller and buyer outside of the platform.

Shares you buy in a company on FundedByMe are always directly owned and considered an asset. Thus it is always possible for you as a shareholder to sell the shares to a buyer if the right opportunity arises. However, as a shareholder in a startup or smaller company, you're investing to help the business grow. It's about following the plan you committed to when the entrepreneur presented their ambition. But for those who can't or won't be able to follow the company until the exit, we've created the Trading Day opportunity.

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